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boys are cute in theory but im scared of them in real life like lions u know


Happy birthday to exo’s power vocalist ♥ you may poke fun at your group members a lot, but it’s easy to see how much you care about them, as well as for others. You have this special talent of combining a unique lighthearted attitude with true passion for your work. Thank you for being so good at what you do - a true entertainer who can bring smiles to thousands of people around the world.©
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I always feel like I should apologize for my personal posts, but then I realize that I have Ultimate Blog Power. I can write an essay about how sad I am and then post ten pictures of dogs rollerblading. You can’t stop me.

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B1A4’s Baro for Elle Korea
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A CLOSER LOOK -- chanhun's distressed denim skinny jeans
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* screams at the cute that is called vixx ;A; *
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4/10 edits/gfx for jongdae's birthday ♥!
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